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COVID-19 Information


Following the announcement by the Government, we’ve been hard at work getting to re-open Paper Duck Buffet Ashford Kent! 

In short, we’ve done everything we can to make our restaurant as safe as possible for our staff and guests; 

  • Table service as always have been
  • Introduced hand sanitising station 
  • Provided plenty of signage for good social distancing and hygiene practices. 
  • Introduced single-use napkins 
  • Reduced our maximum occupancy from 200 to 100 to ensure social distancing at 1meter 
  • Provided our staff with adequate PPE. 
  • Registration of name and contact number for tracking 

In the interests of safety, we’re operating with reduced staff , so please book in advance and get confirmation where possible and bear with us as we work to provide you with the best service possible! 

Some restriction for group cover may apply. Maximum 6 covers in one table per one household.

We confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of Covid -19 

Five Steps to Safer : Working Together 

  1. We have carried out a Covid -19 Risk Assessment and shared the results with the people who work here. 
  2. We have Cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance. 
  3. We have taken all reasonable Steps to help people work from home 
  4. We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain minimum required social distancing in work- place. 
  5. Where people can not be 2M apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk.